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Practice Areas

Sound and Effective Business and Securities Litigation and Arbitration

The practice of the Law Offices of John P. Connolly is focused on these areas. Mr. Connolly offers his client the highest standard of legal advice, counsel, and / or litigation services regarding the following:

Securities Law - Mr. Connolly has had extensive experience with securities law and with derivatives on the plaintiff side. Securities litigation requires a detailed understanding of controlling laws and regulations on both Federal and state level and also of industry standards. Arbitration is required by most brokerage agreements for the resolution of securities issues. In addition, the states have their own laws addressing securities matters. Mr. Connolly will give competent advice to anyone desirous of protecting his or her financial interests regarding securities litigation or arbitration.

Business and Commercial Law - including Commercial Litigation in Federal and State Courts. Mr. Connolly provides a wide variety of services to businesses including preparation of agreements, employee relations, litigation and dispute resolution.

Banking and Finance Law - The world of banking and financial transactions is governed by an elaborate system of laws and regulations. Banks and financial institutions collect deposits from individuals and entities and invest the funds in loans, securities, and other assets. Mr. Connolly assists in proper compliance with intricate state and Federal banking statutes and regulations.

Administrative Law - This area of law is the body of law that is created by administrative agencies in the form of rules, regulations, orders and decisions to carry out the regulatory powers and duties of the agencies. As a former chief counsel with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, and his years of private practice, Mr. Connolly is experienced in dealing with Federal and state regulation.

Litigation - Mr. Connolly represents and advises clients who are involved in a lawsuit or appeal as a result of a dispute in the area of securities and commercial law.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) - Alternative Dispute Resolution is a quicker, more cost effective means of resolving disputes. Mr. Connolly can advise you on the advantages of resolving legal conflicts such as arbitration or mediation and advise you which type of ADR is suitable for you. He undertakes securities industry arbitration.

If you have need of representation in one of the areas listed above, John P. Connolly invites you to contact him by phone at 703-684-4865 or by e-mail.

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