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Sound and Effective Business and Securities Litigation and Arbitration

For 20 years the Law Offices of John P. Connolly has been providing shareholders, individual investors, traders, corporate clients, and others in the securities industry, business world, and commodity futures industry, with sound and effective advice, counsel, and legal services regarding the following:

From his offices in Alexandria, Virginia, he serves clients in northern Virginia, the District of Columbia, and Maryland as well as clients throughout the United States.

Because of his impressive background and expertise in the areas of Securities Law, Business and Commercial Law arbitration, Banking and Finance, he is well-respected and highly sought after as both legal counsel and a commentator. Mr. Connolly has practiced law since 1974 and established his own firm in 1984 in Alexandria, Virginia. He is a graduate of Boston University with a B.A. magna cum laude and holds a Juris Doctor from Boston University School of Law. Prior to entering private practice, Mr. Connolly served as Chief Counsel, Division of Economics, and Special Counsel, Office of General Counsel, of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission and as a representative to the United States Regulatory Council.

Securities litigation and arbitration requires a detailed understanding of laws and standards that govern the industry. The various federal statutes, regulations, and rules related to the sale and trade of securities form an intricate legal web that may confuse even the most sophisticated market participants. In addition, the states have their own laws addressing securities matters, thus making conducting business in the securities and bond markets even more complicated from a legal perspective.

If you are an investor, trader, or industry professional, and you need a knowledgeable and diligent litigator to provide you legal advice or to represent you in a lawsuit, arbitration, or other legal dispute, John P. Connolly invites you to contact him by phone at 703-684-4865 or by e-mail.

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